S.Karam – What The Media Forgets About Israel

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I am a Lebanese Christian. I am a Lebanese Maronite Catholic to be exact.  I usually see in the media what Israel does to the Muslims in the country, and often times [although I think it is done intentionally] the Christian community and what it faces from Israel is not mentioned. Many people actually may be thinking “This girl is Lebanese, what does she know?” – well I know.

My older sister, Jezelle, is married to a Christian man in Palestine. She actually lives there too, in a beautiful town called Aylaboun. So we talk quite a bit about Palestine, its Christians, and how they live. You see, the West has often ignored them, so they can benefit from their brainwashing tactics. If the Christians of the USA believe that Palestinian Christians are in trouble, then the USA can stand up and “defend them”. Thats a bunch of bologna. My sister said one thing to me, and I will never forget this – “us Christians in Palestine are Palestinian Nationalists, we believe in Palestine, not in Israel. But that doesn’t get in the way of being a good Christian. The two are synonymous”. And really they are. I mean if you don’t believe in Palestine as a Christian, your supporting murder, rape, ethnic/religious cleansing, and violence – Christ doesn’t believe in that – in fact, he preached against it, that was his message.

But then again, we have the “Christian’s are attacked by Muslims daily” rubbish. I call it rubbish because it IS rubbish. My sister tells my dad all the time – she wishes Lebanon’s Christians and Muslims were just as united as the Palestinians are. Priests hide the Muslim freedom fighters, and that is well known, they support the cause around the world, and are literally the first to tell you that Palestine IS NOT Israel.

So what does the media forget about Israel, in it’s attempts to brainwash the entire western world? It forgets to mention the thousands of Palestinian Christians who were murdered when Israel was created.  It forgets to mention the thousands of displaced Palestinian Christians who faced a mass exodus. They forget to mention the Christian town of Aylaboun, who’s story has gone forgotten.

For those who are interested, when Israel was created, Israeli forces entered the town of Aylaboun. The Christians there were determined to not leave their land and decided to enter the town’s church to take refuge. Among them were 25 Muslims from a neighboring village. They hid in the church while they put a large white flag on its entrance… they surrendered but refused to leave. The Israeli forces entered and the church and shot randomly – they killed 45 men and those who survived were taken to Lebanon’s border and dropped off.

Daily, the Zionist Settlers attack Christians, attack churches, harass the priests, verbally slander the nuns and whats worse, take pride in doing so. My sister tells me the brutality against Christians is sometimes, yes believe it, worse than the attacks on Muslims. But the media ignores this. Schools ignore this. And instead of making this known, they talk about rockets flying in from “Muslim Gaza”. Did you know that a study from 1993 stated that Palestinian Christians are more prone than the rest of the population, to take the difficult decision of leaving Palestine? No – I am sure you didn’t. And it is NOT because of Muslim attacks. I wish the world would wake up and realize that your media is biased, your media is fake, and your media is filled with lies!

Don’t believe me? Watch these 🙂



Go back to Jesus? Gladly. Wake up media! Wake up! Islam is not the enemy, Israel does not treat us Christians well, and they never will. We face the same fate as Muslims in Palestine – your media doesnt want you to know. Ask yourself why.


A.Seif – Tackling A Biased Media

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– An Introduction To My Series On Lebanon’s Fake Free Media –

Who do we listen to?


Like everything in Lebanon lately, our media is divided into two groups… Pro and Anti government (also referred to Mowelet and Mo3arada respectively). From television and radio to magazines and newspapers, we have an influx of lies and propaganda coming from both sides. But who to believe? How do we sift the truth from the lies? Well, that isn’t very easy.

Let me start off by naming some channels (and who they support), which will help me in describing this problem. We all know LBC, Future TV and MTV Lebanon which are known to be Pro-Government (when Hariri was Prime Minister of course). These channels grab the majority of viewers on Lebanese TV on an international level. Then, on the other side, we have the Hezballah-backed Al-Manar, NBN, OTV, and New TV. Of course we have many more channels, but these seven are the largest in the country. They also fall under sectarian lines in the nation, and of course support one or the other of the ever-so-popular political parties.

Tuning into these channels, it is fair to say they do cover the same topics, flash the same breaking news, and all claim their love and loyalty to Lebanon. They seem to have forgotten their love and loyalty to giving the Lebanese people the honest, unbiased truth. For example, during the rally on February 14, 2007, attended by hundreds of thousands of Lebanese to mark the second anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Opposition channels gave sparing coverage of the event, while pro-government channels (primarily LBC and Future TV) gave live coverage extensively. It was funny because the speeches given at this event were shown on both sides of the media war we have in Lebanon, but each side use the speeches to strengthen their political agendas and opinions. One side bashed the speeches while the other side praised them. Political analysts cut and diced at the speeches on both sides, each extracting something that they can use to make the other side look bad.

The result? A deeper divide in the Lebanese people. Extended sectarian tensions. And a whole lot of brainwashed people. Just ask anyone who watched Al-Manar religiously. Their opinion will not sway away from what they heard on the channel and the same applies for those who are devoted to Future TV. This is detrimental to our society. Sure we have freedom of speech in Lebanon, but what makes it any different from the state-run TV of Egypt? Was it not the Egyptian State TV who tried to sway the opinions of Egyptians during the January 25 events? Was is not the Egyptian State Tv that brainwashed people for years upon years? So what makes Lebanese TV any different? Nothing.

This raises another question about Lebanese media. Is our media really free media? Are our television channels giving us the unbiased truth? Of course not. We see what they want to show us. We hear what they want us to hear. And we read only what is laid out in front of us. That is the Lebanese people’s fault. We are so used to listening to our own political beliefs that we do not open our eyes to what else is out there. We have grown accustomed to not caring about the truth, but instead stubbornly defending what we believe in.

Lebanese media is the most ultimate fail in the region. So much lies, so much different stories, so much hate, and so much prejudices being displayed through the fiber optics of a television screen. How sad.

Look at these two videos for example. Look at the footages, the conversations, and what is being said. The first is a video of Future TV worker talking on another Pro-government channel, LBC. The second, footages displayed by the opposition. Both talking about the same events… May 7th (where Lebanon was brought closest to another civil war). I apologize that I couldn’t find a translated video for the second video, but to sum it up, it is just bashing of the Pro-government groups…while ignoring their role in the events.


See what I mean? Who do we trust? Who do we believe? They both attack each other and ignore their own role in the events that unfold in the nation. Which makes me ask again… is free media in Lebanon really, and honestly, free? Definitely not. And that’s what scares me.

So what s the solution? Like M.Nusair said in his post earlier today… the internet is the solution. I learned that anything that comes from Lebanese media is to be untrusted, biased, and phony. Believe it or not, most of my news now comes from Twitter, Blogs, and independent reporters in the country. At least the majority of them tell the truth. Really, open up your Google Chrome, and look for independent Lebanese media…it goes a long way. I just hope that with democracy on it’s way to beloved Egypt, that their free media doesn’t follow Lebanon’s sad version of free media. That is crucial.

M.Nusair – The Pharaoh’s legacy: 1-Brainwashing

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This subject’s always been on my mind, but I felt that I really have to write about it  after the 25th of January and how the former  president and his gang succeeded to  make many of our fellow Egyptian citizens turn against us and our revolution. I  started with  searching about definitions of Brainwashing (AKA Mind Control) and  how it started and when, so bear with me a little during this short  journey through  definitions and historical background.

Brainwashing is a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic  political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to  accept contrasting  regimented ideas or the application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as  an advertising campaign or  repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific  belief or motivation or simply refers to a process in which a group or individual  ”systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the  detriment of the person being manipulated”. The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as  subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making. The world started talking  about it during the Korean War and after many American soldiers became defected to the enemy side after becoming prisoners of war.

Now allow me to proceed with ordered questions and answers.

Who supported Mubarak?

1-      Climbers, parasites and those who have a relation of “mutualism” with the regime.

2-      Emotional people (and they are too many, unluckily),  Those who love the person of “Mubarak” as an Egyptian figure and idol, those who shed tears during his speeches and a word can turn their opinions.

3-      The Brainwashed, and they had several flags, each represents one of the lies or viruses installed on their brains as I’ll explain later.

What were the means of brainwashing during the reign of Mubarak?

I guess everyone knows the answer of this question, in a third world country like Egypt you don’t have many choices, people are simple and so are the means of brainwashing them. Media in general; TV, radio, newspapers. Simple means don’t necessarily mean simple techniques.

What are the most common techniques followed?

Repetition: A simple but very effective way, it’s even used in Marketing! Make the customer see your product every second on TV, hear about it every second on the radio, read about it in every newspaper and his mind will accept it and want to buy it, same concept.

One of the techniques they depend on (and Egypt is such a fertile land for it) is making a rumor out of something they really want to do and it’ll find its way to every Egyptian ear in few hours! Your sister tells you and you tell your friend who tells his mother who tells her aunt and so on, at some point you’ll hear the rumor everywhere you go and for many days then sooner or later you accept is as a fact. Example: They wanted to make Mubarak the son the future president of Egypt and they released a rumor, the rumor spread and began to be part of every Egyptian discussion for months and years till some people surrendered and began to accept it as a fact, as a reality, fait accompli.

Assault on identity: They kept focusing on the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic heritage and identity and did marginalize other eras or periods when councils or those elected or loved rulers existed, they kept consolidating the idea of the worshipped ruler with all the powers, the god king, they make you totally in peace with Totalitarianism

Guilt: They make you feel so guilty that you hate yourself, lose hope and self confidence. Example: you are 80 million human beings, you keep reproducing, you are the reason we can’t feed you, you are the reason of the bad education, you are the reason that the country is poor and you stole the pants of Homer Simpson! They make you reach a state of self-betrayal.

Breaking Point: That’s when you are nothing but a wreck, that’s when you are raw again, that’s when you keep wondering about who you are and what you should do, and of course they’ll have the answers for you, they’ll fill your head with what they want and persuade you to do what they want too.

What are the biggest lies in the reign of Mubarak?

Mubarak is the wisest leader one earth.

Without Mubarak, chaos will prevail, we don’t have others who can lead (you insult Egypt and the whole Egyptian nation by saying this, there’s no single man with leadership skills and political awareness among 80 million citizens? epic fail.

Mubarak is the hero of the 6th of October war

The reason of all problems in Egypt is that Egyptians make love everyday and bring new babies to the crowded country (I’m against having many babies but for god’s sake! Some countries exceed the double of our population, have less resources of income and they are living in prosperity, democracy and peace).

We can’t open our borders with Palestine because all Palestinians will leave their land to settle here and destroy our economy (no comment).

Uncountable lies, no space or time to mention all of them.

Prevention is better than treatment, how can we protect ourselves from Brainwashing?

Always make sure to write your goals in a notebook or something, always remember them, add to them, and edit them if necessary. Constantly visualize your goals.

Always smile, yes smile :)

Stay positive and find the full half of the cup no matter what happens.

Stick to things that motivate you!

Pay more attention to your spiritual side.

Don’t be a loner! Make sure you have some good friends with some concepts, standards and goals in common between you and them.

Be more selective, throw your TV away and instead of letting them decide what you watch, go watch whatever “you” decide on the internet.